Thursday, 13 September 2018

What is SEO and How SEO work in Market?

SEO is known as search engine optimization, SEO is the process of online product advertising through the internet such as cell phone, social media, e-mail, and windows. In other word SEO is a term where websites and pages are appear in a search engine list or Google indexing. There are 3 main international search engines that are Google, Being and Yahoo. SEO may target different category like that video, images, academic, news and some other.

There are 2 technique in SEO 1st is ON page SEO and 2nd is off page SEO. For the higher rank of website ON page and off page both are important:

ON Pages:
On page is SEO technique in which we can do on the web page. In On page activity are includes such as keyword research, description, Title, Meta tag and internal links.

Off Pages:
SEO Off page is a technique in which SEO expert is improve you website traffic and visibility these all are depends on our off page activities when we share our product through the internet in social media then definitely website traffic and visibility increase. Indexing, Social bookmarking, classified, article submission, forum posting, blogs, commenting these all are the important part of our SEO Technique for show our website in Google history and website visibility.

Indexing: Indexing means creating a table on particular topics for making a record. In simple way indexing example is we maintain a data in computer or create a record in a computer.

Social bookmarking: social bookmarking means we bookmark our pages at social bookmarking sites. We create a quality of back links with the help of quality bookmarking sites because that helps us to increase Google page rank and blog traffic.

Classified: In classified we promote our services in different location.

Article submission: article submission means 1st we make an article about promoting services then we share and post on article sites.

Forum posting: forum posting is one of the best beneficial off page technique for Google rank and more visibility. Forum posting is a platform where we discuss our products in a group and us posting new treads and reply one of them old post.

Blogs: In a blogs simply we create a blogs about promoting services and post in different blogs website.

How to website rank on Google or other search engine

Due to the crawling process website rank on Google. Crawling process is known as goggle search quality of data and unique data through indexing and then update information on Google rank page.